Why Honey Hen Farms?

Quite Simply, Local Matters!

There's a reason why small farms are making a comeback. People are starting to realize that how and where their food is raised matters. We were generally healthier as a society when our food supply was small and local. The ability to know where your family's food is coming from is more and more important all the time. 


We are a small, local family owned farm just outside of Lubbock, Texas raising chickens for eggs and meat. Our farm has been using only non-gmo and soy-free feed for our animals. Although, we are moving to certified organic feed that we are getting custom milled from the Pink Rose Organix mill in Slaton, TX. 

Plain and simple, we sell high quality food that we want our own family to eat.

We are your source for eggs and chicken raised locally on Pasture!

We sell eggs by the dozen, and whole chicken (giblets are separate). We also sell cut up chicken when we have it available. Our products can be ordered online and picked up in person at the farmers market. If you're ready to take the plunge into locally raised eggs and chicken, check out our store page and add some pasture raised goodness to your table. 

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