We're Currently Taking a Break

We're taking a break from running the farm as a business. Will have had some production issues, and decided to shut it down for a while in order to concentrate on getting our homestead working better for us. Thank you for being our customers for the last several years!



Taste the difference that natural feeds, sunshine and happy chickens makes in the quality of the food you feed your family.


Welcome to Honey Hen Farms! We're here to rattle the cage on the way eggs and chicken are produced. (some of you will get the joke there) Today, most food is purchased at a grocery store with little thought as to where its coming from. Produce shipped from all over the world has replaced the kitchen garden, and chickens live their lives in little cages as they churn out eggs devoid of vital nutrition and flavor as a result of feeding them the cheapest possible "food." 


Honey Hen Farms is working to change that. We are a small family farm operation located near Lubbock, just outside of Slaton, TX. We take great care of our chickens because happy chickens lay the best eggs and make the best meat! You'll be amazed by the great flavor of eggs and chicken from Honey Hen Farms, and chances are, you'll never look at grocery store eggs and meat the same way again. 



We have several varieties of chickens, but they are primarily various strains of Rhode Island Red and White Leghorns. 

In addition to being fed a diet of certified organic feed milled in Slaton, TX, our chickens roam freely over pasture that is mostly made up of native grasses that make for good forage. 

Our goal at Honey Hen Farms is to bring you the very same delicious, nutritious eggs that we feed to our own family and we strive to make sure our chickens only eat natural foods the way God intended. 



We raise our meat chickens on pasture at our own farm from the time it is safe for them to leave the brooder. From the brooder, they go to a mobile coop in the pasture that is safe from predators. Their coop is moved every day to give them access to fresh pasture with lots of bugs and seeds to eat. 

They are supplemented with certified organic feed (2018 started with non-gmo, non-soy feed, but we're transitioning back to certified organic feed) to produce healthy and nutritious meat for your family to enjoy around the table. 


Sometimes the terms being used regarding eggs can be confusing. Pastured, Free Range, Cage Free and other terms are used to the point that their meaning loses something in translation. 

Pastured- Pastured means that the chickens are allowed to forage on pasture to eat the grass, bugs and seeds that they need. Many times, this is done in a mobile coop which is sometimes called a "chicken tractor," which is an enclosure that keeps the chickens confined to a certain part of a pasture until the tractor is moved. We very seldom use chicken tractors for our laying hens unless we have a very specific area that needs a good weeding, tilling and fertilizing. We like our laying chickens to roam around in the sunshine wherever they want to within the 5 acre pasture set aside for them. 

Our meat birds do, however, generally reside in a mobile coop to keep them safe as they are sometimes a little bit slower moving around than their egg laying counterparts. 

Free Range and Cage Free- Free Range and Cage Free are fairly synonymous and generally just mean that the chickens aren't kept in individual cages. It doesn't necessarily mean that the chickens are allowed outside. They might just be crammed together in a barn all day long with potentially thousands of other chickens. Our chickens are given the ability to move around. They're only in a barn to sleep and lay eggs. Beyond that, they get to roam. 

Hormone Free- Many meat chickens are marketed as "hormone free." This is nothing more than a marketing gimmick as it is against federal law to inject or otherwise give hormones to poultry and pork in the U.S. Naturally, that means that our chickens are hormone free because all chickens sold are.

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